PET Plastic Bottles


Product Name: PET Plastic Bottles

Description: A range of narrow neck, liquid bottles suitable for many applications. NEW OBLONG BOTTLES IN 500ml AND 1000ml. Certain pumps and atomisers may not be suitable for taller bottles!!

Product Uses: Packaging, Samples, Storage, Transport, Liquids, Shampoo, Cosmetics, Dropping

Material: PET

Shape: Round, Oblong

Barrier Bottle: No

Tamper Evident: No

Child Resistant: Caps available

UN Approved: No

Induction Heat Seal: No

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Reference No.CapacityColourBody Diameter Ø (mm)Cap Size (mm)Height without Closure (mm)Weight (g)Box QuantityBody Cross Section (mm)Enquire
JDX00.030-PET005-18M30 mlClear2718775780Enquire now
JTY00.030-AMBERPET005.5-18M30 mlAmber18735.5125032 x 22 RectangularEnquire now
JTY00.030-PET006-20M30 mlClear28207961500Enquire now
JTY00.050-PET008-20M50 mlClear33.3208981250Enquire now
JDX00.050-PET007-20M50 mlClear32209571000Enquire now
JDX00.060-PET007-20M60 mlClear332010481000Enquire now
JMH00.060-PET008-20M60 mlClear3820827.4600Enquire now
JTY00.060-AMBERPET008-20M60 mlAmber32201037.7850Enquire now
JTY00.060-PET008-20M60 mlClear32.2201038850Enquire now
JMH00.1-PET011-20M100 mlClear38.420118.2111348Enquire now
JPP00.10-PET015-20M-FLAT100 mlClear402011015500Enquire now
JTY00.10-PET014-20M100 mlClear382011814890Enquire now
JTY00.12-PET013-24M120 mlClear382413313515Enquire now
JDX00.125-PET017-28M125 mlClear502810017280Enquire now
JDX00.125-PET014-20M125 mlClear382013614540Enquire now
JDX00.25-PET023-28M250 mlClear552814323400Enquire now
JTY00.25-PET023-24M250 mlClear482416623396Enquire now
JDX00.25-PET023-24M250 mlClear502416623400Enquire now
JPP00.25-PET021-24M-OBLONG250 mlClear241282140066 x 50Enquire now
JTY00.25-PET022-28M250 mlClear582813022250Enquire now
JPP00.4-PET031-28M-BULLET400 mlClear592819231250Enquire now
JPP00.5-PET036-28M-OBLONG500 mlClear281723620078 x 62Enquire now
JPP00.5-PET024-28M-BULLET500 mlClear722815924200Enquire now
JMH00.5-PET035-24M500 mlClear62242083568Enquire now
JPP00.50-PET037-28M-FLAT500 mlClear682816637200Enquire now
JPP01-PET045-28M-FLAT1000 mlClear84282404590Enquire now
JPP01-PET044-28M1000 mlClear872821244100Enquire now
JPP01-PET044-28M-OBLONG1000 mlClear282284410093 x 72Enquire now

Caps Available With This Product:

  • 20mm_hing_noz

    20mm Natural Hinged Nozzle Dispenser

  • 20mm_natural_twist

    20mm Natural Twist Top Nozzle Dispenser

  • 20mm_white_flip_top

    White Hinged Flip-top Dispenser (18/20/24/28mm)

  • 24mm_silver_white_pump

    24mm Silver/White Pump Dispenser

  • 28mm_black_black_trigger

    28mm Black/Black Trigger - Spray/Jet

  • 28mm_black_crc_vent

    28mm Black Child-Resistant/ Vented Cap

  • 28mm_black_nozzle

    Black Nozzle and Captive Cap (20/28mm)

  • 28mm_black_pump

    28mm Black Atomiser Spray

  • 28mm_black_yellow_trigger

    28mm Yellow/Black Trigger Spray

  • 28mm_blue_white_trigger

    28mm Blue/White Trigger - Spray/Jet

  • 28mm_disc_top_white

    White Disctop Dispenser (20/24/28mm)

  • 28mm_green_white_trigger

    28mm Green/White Trigger - Spray/Jet

  • 28mm_hing_noz_white

    White Hinged Nozzle Dispenser (24/28mm)

  • 28mm_natural_nozzle

    Natural Nozzle and Captive Cap (20/24/28mm)

  • 28mm_push_pull_white

    28mm White Push/Pull Nozzle Dispenser

  • 28mm_red_white_trigger

    28mm White/Red Trigger - Spray/Jet

  • 28mm_std_cap_black

    Black Standard Screw Closure (20/24/28mm)

  • 28mm_std_cap

    White Standard Screw Closure (18/20/24/28mm)

  • 28mm_white_nozzle

    28mm White Wide Nozzle Dispenser and Captive Cap

  • 28mm_white_pump

    White Atomiser Spray (20/24/28mm)

  • 28mm_white_white_trigger

    28mm White/White Trigger - Spray/Jet

  • 28mm_yellow_white_trigger

    28mm Yellow/White Trigger - Spray/Jet

  • 20ml_twist_off

    20mm Natural Twist-off Top Nozzle with Gasket

  • 24mm_twist_off

    24mm Natural Twist-off Top Nozzle with Gasket

  • 28mm_twist_off

    28mm Natural Twist-off Top Nozzle with Gasket

  • 28mmpump

    White Pump Dispenser (20/24/28mm)

  • White_flip_top

    White Hinged Flip Top Dispenser (18mm)

  • 28mm_std_cap

    White Standard Screw Closure (18mm)

  • 28mm_crc_cap

    White Child-Resistant Cap (20/24/28mm)

  • Cj28m-nl-twisttop

    28mm Natural - Twist-top Nozzle Dispensers

  • Cj20m-bk-twisttop

    20mm BlackTwist-off-Top Nozzle Cap - with gasket

  • Cj20m-bk-twisttop

    20mm Black Cap with Black - Twist-top Nozzle

  • Cj24m-bknl-twisttop

    20mm Black Cap with Natural - Twist-top Nozzle Dispenser

  • Cj24m-bk-twistofftop

    24mm BlackTwist-off-Top Nozzle Cap - with gasket

  • Cj24m-bk-twisttop

    24mm Black Cap Black -Twist-top Nozzle Dispenser

  • Cj24m-bknl-twisttop

    24mm Black Cap Natural -Twist-top Nozzle Dispenser

  • Cj24m-bk-twistofftop

    28mm Black Twist-off-Top Nozzle Cap - with gasket

  • Cj28m-bk-mushroom-hingfliptop

    28mm Black MUSHROOM - Hinged Fliptop

  • Cj20m-atom-gn

    Atomiser Spray - 20 mm neck - GREEN - 120mm Dip

  • Cj20m-atom-bk

    Atomiser Spray - 20 mm neck - Black - 120mm Dip

  • Cj20m-atom-nlgd

    Atomiser Spray - 20 mm neck - White/Gold - 120mm Dip

  • Cj24m-atom-nlgd

    Atomiser Spray - 24 mm neck - GOLD NATURAL - 145mm Dip

  • Cj28m-bk-pump

    28mm Black - Pump Dispenser-190mm Dip

  • Cj24m-gdnl-pump

    24mm GOLD NATURAL- Pump Dispenser 145mm Dip

  • Cj28m-gdnl-pump

    28mm GOLD NATURAL- Pump Dispenser 190mm Dip

  • Cj24m-bk-pump

    24mm Black - Pump Dispenser-145mm Dip

  • Cj24m-bk-hingfliptop

    24mm Black RIBBED - Hinged Fliptop

  • Cj18m-bk-twistofftop

    18 mm Black Twist Off Top Cap

  • Cj18m-aluminium-epewad

    Cap for Bottle - 18mm Aluminium - Non T/e - EPE-SHORT

  • Cj20m-aluminium-epewad-short

    Cap for Bottle - 20mm Aluminium - Non T/e - EPE - SHORT